5 Industries that use Industrial Ink

When you say the word printer, what comes to your head?

It’s most likely a small office model or the one that sits on your desk at home. However, the printer industry covers a much broader field than just your home and the office.

In the consumer goods industrial industry, printers are on a much larger scale and would certainly not fit in the office or at home. Inkjet printers of industrial sizes are incredibly dynamic in their abilities. Together along with some other factors, they make up the foundation of the consumer goods industry.

There is a long list of materials they can print CIJ ink &industrial ink onto. These include and aren’t limited to pallets, bags, boxes and food labels. Let’s take a look at five major production industries that use inkjet printers in their manufacturing process.

Lumber: these kinds of printers are capable of printing on wood. However, the type of ink used is unique and different from your home model. It must be durable and capable of surviving the often long journey from the lumberyard to store shelf. The marks an inkjet printer will make must be easy to read and have high visibility.

Beverage Industry: if you go to your local supermarket, you will quickly see that every drink that’s sold there has a label on it. These labels have printed words which include information like nutritional value, use by dates and barcoding. Different materials that this inkjet printer needs to be compatible with are glass, plastic, cardboard, and cartons.

Eggs: surprisingly, even the egg and poultry industry utilizes inkjet printers to turn these naturally occurring foods into a consumer-ready product. The ink that’s used to mark eggs is typically red, and often faint enough so that the consumer doesn’t get too concerned, but the person in charge of quality control can read it. All the ink used with natural products like meat and dairy is food grade which means you won’t get sick if you eat it.

Medical Field: even the medical industry isn’t exempt from needing industrial inkjet printers. From IV bags to x-rays and even rubber tubes, there’s a need for the printing of ink onto objects throughout this industry. Note that medical grade ink needs to be resistant to rubbing as alcohol is often used as a sanitizer.

Aerospace: even NASA uses inkjet printers. The type of ink used in this industry is similar to the ink you’ll find in the beverage industry, just a bit stronger to withstand this intensified environment. They also need to be resistant to heat and able to have stickers placed over them.

Every industry is different, which means their criteria and expectations are going to be unique. Elements like stamping, marking, labeling and barcoding are all essential to the consumer goods industry and require the use of a high-quality industrial sized inkjet printer.

The inks that are used in these printers are vital to these industries.

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