Why Does Back Pain Get Worse in the Morning?

Morning back pain can make it hard for you to handle daily tasks, let alone get out of bed. The pain causes discomfort, stiffness and reduced flexibility. The main symptom is a dull sharp pain that comes and goes. At times these symptoms go away and return the following day.

Today we look at the different reasons why your back pain isn’t going away.

Presence of Spinal Fluid in the Discs

Spinal fluid works as the lubricant that allows for smooth spinal motions. Without the fluid, the spine can break or crack. The fluid also works as a shock absorber when you perform any activity.

The spinal discs that make up the spine constantly fill with fluid and also empty it. The spinal discs are full in the morning because they fill up with spinal fluid when you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you are a little bit stiffer, which translates into back pain that eases off as the discs empty. Exercising briefly in the morning is one of the ways to get the fluid flowing, which in turn eases the stiffness.

Poor Sleeping Position

Sleeping in the same position the whole time can lead to stiffness of the spine, especially if you adopt a poor posture the whole time. One unnatural position involves sleeping on your stomach. This sleeping posture places your spine in an unnatural position, leading to back pain when you wake up the next day.

You can use pillows to support your body depending on the posture you adopt for sleeping. Check out Free Your Spine for tips on the best way to sleep.

Additionally, the mattress you sleep on contributes to morning back pain. An extra hard mattress cannot align with your body shape, which means that the weight doesn’t get distributed the right way to the body to support it. On the other hand, a very soft mattress cannot offer the sort of resistance to your body in order to support the weight, leading to poor sleeping postures. Look for a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft.

Lack of Movement During the Day

Sitting for long times at the desk or while driving can lead to pain the next morning. Lack of adequate movement causes the back muscles and joints to tense, leading to loss of flexibility. The tension causes stiffness, therefore pain when you rise up from the sleeping position.

With tension comes a risk of injury to the muscles of the back. The injury, in turn, leads to inflammation, which causes pain. The pain is amplified in the morning since you have been sleeping in the same position the whole night. Make sure you move frequently during the day to release any tension that has built up.

The Finale

If you wake up each morning with a nagging pain in your back, you need to seek treatment. Better yet, you need to understand what is causing the pain so that you can do away with it once for all.

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