Bathtub Design Ideas for Your Home

There’s nothing much more relaxing than a long soaking bath in your home bathtub. Having a tub in your living space makes every sense as it helps you unwind and relax your mind after a stressful day at work.

Bathtubs open a possibility of relaxation, and you can even compare them to a spa since they provide you with the luxury of indulgence right in the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of design ideas you can get to choose from, but it all depends on your style and how your home is. On that note, here are some brilliant bathtub ideas for your home to choose.

The Freestanding Tub

This is a good tub design idea to consider for your home. The Freestanding tub design idea features a blue tile, nicely framed, dark wood beam and a wainscot. This bathtub design can be used for soaking and bathing because it has a showerhead that is handheld. If you like a bathtub that has this kind of versatility, then this considering the freestanding tub is an excellent choice for you.

The Undermount Tub Design Idea

If you’re looking for a bathtub design idea that offers a great view of the treetops, then the Undermount tub design idea is an option worth considering. This second-story bathroom set design provides a smooth stone surrounding with side offers of wood panels which are placed under windows to give the treetops view.  It allows for a space of two bathers to sit comfortably together to enjoy a soaking bath.

The Cast Iron Tub Design

The cast iron bathtub design dates back to the 1950s. This vintage tub design offers a sophisticated design that is bound to make you enjoy your bath daily. It features a band of glass tiles that are blue and gives it that awesome look that makes you relax and feel at home.  The design is also straightforward to pull off and doesn’t include much cost on your side.

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The Walk-In Tub Design

The walk-in bathtub features a watertight door that allows you to enter the bath over a threshold that is low to help in increasing safety while you get inside the bath. Walk-in tubs provide unrivaled comfort because when you compare them to traditional bathtubs, they have a deep water depth.

If you need a water tub that offers safety and comfort, then the walk-in tub design can be an excellent choice for you.

The Soaking Tub Design

The soaking tub is a device for relaxation which is larger than the regular bathtub, and it holds deep water for the main aim of providing a relaxing experience. There are different varieties of soaking tubs like the Garden tubs, Roman tubs, and the Japanese tubs. Soaking tubs are good for some stress relieving because they provide a soothing and romantic feeling, and they are especially great for couples.

The Standard Alcove Tub Design Idea

The standard alcove bathtubs install against walls, and they offer a combination between them and showers. This combination is most common, and their design helps in maximizing more space. They have unfinished ends which are usually sandwiched together between storage cabinets that are handy built and an exterior wall.

The Acrylic Alcove Tub Design

This easy-to-install bathtub is very convenient and cheap and offers impressive features for your home. The design doesn’t take that much space and it has an elegant look that is inherently appealing to the human eye. It offers that awesome smooth sensation especially when you have your relaxing bath.

The Royal Bathroom Design

If you like the royal look in your bathtub, then this type of design will fit your style. This tub design is exquisite and features a master bath that is spacious covered with marble from the floor to the ceiling. Other features include a Philippe Starck chair, a candelabra sculpture, and Louis XV mirror which give it that royal look. It is indeed a luxurious bath design to consider.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of bathtub design ideas to choose from. The best thing is to know the style you would prefer in your home, also considering the available space and your budget. Make sure you choose a design that you will always enjoy every day you go in to have your relaxing bath.

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