How to Get the Most from your New iPad

Apple’s iPads are one of the most state-of-the-art gadgets on the market. You can use them for school and work assignments, reading at your leisure, and entertainment. They can do nearly anything the iPhone can, but gives more flexibility. If you’ve taken the step to make an iPad purchase, you’re already sold on its benefits. The next step is to learn everything you can about getting the most from your iPad.

IPad Protection Plans to Save You Money

Since you’ve paid a pretty penny for your new tech item, you want to do your best to protect it from damage, loss or theft. You have multiple options to protect your iPad through Apple and by taking measures of your own. The least expensive way is to get protective accessories, but you’ll learn more about that in a moment. There are a few important steps before tangible protection.

You should start with purchasing a protection plan and extended warranty. Apple Care Protection Plans are different from what you can buy from your wireless company. The sophisticated empire charges users to even have a phone conversation with customer service. With their plan, you can speak directly with technical support by phone to ask them questions about your device, iCloud storage, wireless network connection, and company branded apps. You’ll also get repair coverage for your iPad for up to two incidents. Additional fees per incident apply.

If you bought your iPad through a wireless carrier, you’ll have a monthly plan attached. This mean you should be able to purchase protection insurance through the wireless company or their affiliate. For a few extra bucks a month on your bill, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a repair or replacement if your phone is ever lost, stolen, or damaged. Of course, you’ll need to pay the deductible, but most times than not you’ll come out cheaper than buying a brand new iPad. Most insurance companies have limits within a certain timeframe, so read the directions and fine print carefully.

The Convenience of iPad Accessories

Accessories will really change the way you can use your device. Besides added protection, you can enhance the way you enjoy yourself and handle business. You’ll find a wealth of information about the best accessories for iPads from iThingum. In the meantime, start with these few basic accessory details.

Don’t even get to the point of repairing a broken screen through your insurance. Protect your iPad beforehand. The most important accessories you can buy are a case and screen protector. Broken iPads from cracked screens are the most frequently filed incidents on protection plans. Even if you’re able to repair the screen, it may never work as well as it did in the beginning. Save yourself some funds by protecting your device on the front end.

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff!

The Apple Watch wasn’t exactly a crowd pleaser when it first rolled out. Now, the new and improved versions get better reviews than before. It’s technically not an accessory since the company features it as a stand alone product. Still, if you’re a true die hard tech geek, it’s a great addition to get the most from your iPad. This little gem gives you quick access to your calendar schedule, text messages, and much more than the time. Health nuts can also look forward to tracking their fitness activity and health information.

Charging Pods

When you’re out and about, you don’t want to be one of the wondering zombies frantically searching for power anywhere you can find it. Chargers and charging pods seem so insignificant until you get the dreaded 10 percent warning across your iPad screen. You can keep your work and play going on forever with a wireless charging pod.

Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

Bluetooth capabilities have made life so convenient. Especially for music addicts who want to take their beats everywhere they go. Whether you want to share your iTunes with the world or keep them all to yourself, you can enjoy your iPad better with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. You have plenty to choose from in all sizes, styles, and colors.

Apps and Add-Ons to Make Life Easier

As if you haven’t read enough about protection today. There’s one more thing you should know. You can protect your home or business right from your iPad. All you have to do is download the right app. When you’re away from home, you can lock doors, turn power and water off and on, and take a peak through your video system. You can also view activity at the office when you’re away. Besides work, apps give you plenty of games, office systems, and social media automations to lighten your task load.

Something about the shiny new gadget caught your attention. Now you’ve made it a part of your tech collection. With something as powerful as the iPad, you want to stay in the loop on its benefits. Use this information as a start to opening up new worlds with your Apple device.

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