Getting Jiggy with It: My Experience with the Sound of Funk

Funky music is always going to resonate within the souls of us “old people”, and if you don’t know how great funk music is, you should really consider updating your music catalog. Funk will always be looked at as being the grand-father of many different genres, and many people still make funk to this day. The fact that funk has been able to survive this long should be a testament to how great of a music genre it is, but it’s still dying at a rapid pace. Many people overlook the fact that funk laid down the base of modern music, and when you forget things like that, you forget history itself. Groups like Kool and the Gang were always looking to push the envelope, and that’s why so many people want to play funk music for themselves. I was a kid who grew up in the Bronx, but mind you all of my youth was within the 70’s. The 70’s was a strange time to live in, all of the bell bottom pants and hand-shakes could confuse even the coolest of cats. The style was to always have your hair large and proud, and if you couldn’t grow hair, just shave it bald and rock a mustache!

6a00d8341c630a53ef016303c624f9970dMusic is going to change as time progresses, I understand that, but funk should never be completely forgotten. There are too many super groups for that to happen, but time is the keeper of all, and it’s also the executioner. If you didn’t make a major impact on the world, the general public won’t know about you in the future, That’s why celebrities that made a difference are always held in high praise, while those who did amazing things behind closed doors get no recognition in the eyes of the public.

If you can honestly say that you don’t enjoy a funk song from the thousands upon thousands out there right now, I will give you my house. Seriously, my house is yours! It doesn’t count if you’re deaf, that’s just cheating!  I have a few personal favorites, and they’re the reason I decided to pick up a guitar in the first place. It was easier than I thought, all I needed to do was check out the recommended list on The Instrument Reviewer and I had the perfect fit of electrical guitar.

Wah-Wah Until the Cows Come Home 

CQqJZe6UYAAB1HLThe signature sound of funk is the “Wah-Wah”, and it’s used by controlling a brass instrument through the use of your guitar and an amp. It’s how so many bands have been able to add that extra layer of soul to their tracks, because the wah-wah sounds so fitting for their singles. If I was going to be the best funk guitarist as I could possibly be, I would need to look into the wah-wah a bit deeper. I had to practice, but you need proper tools in order to do so. The wah-wah is achieved through the use of many items, and the equipment that you need isn’t exactly cheap in any sense.

rukus-solarI wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection, so I had to turn to the internet. There are a lot of tutorials on the web right now that can help you with specific ideas, and there’s really no limit to the amount of them out there. Some people have built homes from the ground up through the use of internet tutorials, which is pretty astounding. I never thought that I would be able to learn how to play funkadelic riffs on my guitar through YouTube – now I’m sold on the new generation! I’m not the best with technology, but it was a relatively smooth experience all in all. First I started off learning which amps I should be making use of, and after that, I figured out which brass instrument I should be looking to mimic.

You don’t always need to mimic the sound of a brass instrument, many of the greats would experiment and come up with brand new sounds for themselves! If you want to add a little unique twist into the mix, you can think about putting a flanger or something over top of it all.


Untitled-119I practice every single day, because funk is in my heart. Without funk, I wouldn’t be the man I am today, and I remind myself of the amazing genre on a daily basis. I love playing my guitar either way, so I can’t complain – I just wish a lot more people were aware of the amazing things funk did for people (both back in the day and now!). Buy a few albums for yourself and see what all of the buzz is about, you won’t regret your decision.

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