The Secrets Behind A Longer & More Restful Sleep In Babies

What is the first thing you learn when you bring your newborn home for the first time? Exactly! Chances are your nights will become a nightmare. Forget about resting and sleeping because you will need to wake up a few times a night. Curious to know the secrets for a resting and relaxing sleep? There are, indeed, a few general ideas that can work wonders in the long run. Sure, applying your techniques (based on others’ experiences or myths) will not harm the baby, but they will certainly kill your comfort. Then, what are the right techniques?

Overcoming Your Initial Tendencies

Baby-sleepingWhen the baby starts crying in the middle of the night, you do not necessarily have to rush and calm them down. Of course, it sounds heartbreaking. Plus, you might have some heavy feelings of guilt. But specialists think differently. It is not dangerous at all to give the baby a few minutes to cry instead of consoling them right way. The outcome is even better – both the baby and you will also sleep more. This means less stress and tiredness during the next day. Forget about that chronic fatigue during the first part of the day and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

There are a few general techniques to reach to a good final result. Instead of running all over, apply them in a slow and gradual manner. The so called controlled crying technique is one of them. What does it mean? Simple. The parent is supposed to wait for a specific period of time before reaching to the baby. Initially, you can do it at every two minutes during the first few nights. You can add one more minute at every few nights. With time, you will get to 10 minutes and so on, until the baby learns to calm down without any extra help. Remember that there is nothing wrong if the baby cries for more than just a few minutes. They are not exposed to any risks at all.

Exploring the Camping Method

Sleeping-BabyThe camping method is yet another excellent idea. Most researchers find it to be extremely efficient, even if it implies making a few changes as well. So, what does it mean? Simple. The mother stays in the baby’s room while they learn to fall asleep on their own. It looks like an insensitive (or quite barbaric) method. However, it was thoroughly tested at more universities. The result is great – both parents and their babies will sleep more. This means that parents are less likely to stress out. Besides, there are low chances for mothers to experience postnatal depression.

Although many people naturally assume that babies become stressed out if they are left alone while crying, researchers have proven that crying over short periods of time will not cause any negative changes in the behavior or the mental health – not today, not tomorrow and not in the long run either. It is critical to know that babies involved in these studies were 7 months old or older. The same experts believe that newborn babies should not be exposed to such techniques during the first months of life. Later on, they are way safer, so they can learn to control themselves.

Further Tests and Safety Standards

sleeping-baby-009For parents who seek help, the above mentioned techniques can be safety used with no risks at all. They can help parents feel more comfortable. With all these, even if you let your baby cry a little, it does not mean that you should ignore them. Do not let them cry the whole night, only to take a peek in the morning. Just because you “train” your little one, you will still have to stay alert and pay attention. You will still not be able to sleep during the first nights, but things are about to change in a few months.

The effects of such techniques over babies are irrelevant. Numerous research studies have been conducted over more years. As these kids turn 6 years old, it seems that they are 12% more susceptible to gain behavioral issue. Terrible idea, right? Well, you should know that consoled kids are up to 16% more susceptible to come up with exactly the same problems. Apart from kids, these tests have also checked the mothers. As a direct conclusion, mothers who apply such tactics are 40% less likely to face postnatal depression. Both parents feel more comfortable and less stressed out as well.

As a short final conclusion, you do not necessarily have to rely on old fashioned myths and misconceptions. In a world where anything can be independently researched, it does pay off to consider modern trends for a different, yet more efficient growth. From these points of view, the above mentioned techniques will help both babies and their parents. What else can you ask for?

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